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Learn more about the SmartWafer 
Wafer Handling Monitor
SmartWafer General Description

The InnerSense SmartWafer2 (SMW2) runs through the equipment and records vibrations and acceleration along its route.
After completing the recording process, the data is downloaded via an external reading station into a PC.
The data is then synchronized with the equipment sequence of events and compared to the historic "good" fingerprint.
Any abnormal signals indicate and pinpoint bad mechanical components or alignments which cause particles, defects or scratches on the wafer.


SmartWafer Specifications:


A 15 gr electronics package is bonded to the wafer, adding 2.5mm to the thickness across an 85mm diameter. Standard 300 mm or 200 mm Silicon wafers are used to closely match the behavior of a standard process wafer, allowing it to run the same mechanical recipe through the wafer handling system. The electronic circuit is conformal coated with silicon adhesive, protecting and waterproofing the SmartWafer. The SmartWafer measures accelerations in 3 axis, with a sensitivity down to 3mG. The frequency response range is from 0 to 6000 Hz. Operating temperature is <80 °C for less than 15 min and <60 °C with no time limit. Operating pressure can get down to 10 E-9 Torr.  Battery operation is 3hrs per charge.

wafer handling diagnostic

InnerSense SmartWafer

​Smart FOUP


The 300mm Smart Wafer is stationed inside a Smart FOUP that contains a reading & charging unit.  Charging and communication are contactless.  A display panel on the side of the FOUP, shows the status the SmartWafer and the Smart FOUP.

200mm Compact Reading & Charging Unit


The manual 200mm Charging & Reading unit is placed on the single wafer clam shell in which the Smart Wafer is positioned. The 200 mm SmartWafer uses the same technology and software as the 300 mm SmartWafer and is the best method of detecting, predicting and preventing handler related excursions. After initiation, the Smart Wafer run through the process tool and records the vibrations that are later analyzed for detecting mechanical malfunctions during the wafer handling. The SMW2 system can be used for planning corrective maintenance, PM recovery and tool matching.

Reading & charging unit built into a 200mm SMIF POD

The Reading  & Charging unit is integrated into a SMIF POD to avoid manual handling of the Smart Wafer.

Docking Station for fully automated FAB

The InnerSense Docking Station is designed for the 300mm automated fabs and permits the utilization of the SmartWafer in production mode, like any other routine monitor.
The Load Port meets all the SEMI standards, including the E84 & other SEMI standards required for AMHS/OHV and HOST connectivity.
In addition, the Docking Station automatically connects to the Smart FOUP for power charging and data communication.
Each time a new test is initiated, the Docking Station will prepare the wafer for recording and the AMHS system will deliver it to the designated tool. After completing the test and returning to the Docking Station, the data is automatically downloaded to the computer and fully analyzed. The analysis results can be sent to the fabwide SPC system.

SmartWafer Analysis Software

Acceleration: Low frequency signals (0-15 Hz) are used to capture and report overall acceleration levels in the X,Y and Z axes.  

Vibrations and Impacts: The high frequency signal (500-6000 Hz) enables the SmartWafer to capture every vibration and impact felt by the wafer, including vibrations caused by a bearing wear, physical contact like rubbing which may shed particles,  any motion of the wafer or other nearby mechanisms.

Data Analysis: Advanced pattern recognition algorithms are used to analyze traces and allow multiple plots to be overlaid for comparison and superimposed with time events for easy tracking. The software automatically analyzes new data and generates SPC data for every vibration and impact of interest to the engineer. The SPC data is further analyzed for trends, OOCs and comparison between similar tools, notifying the user if any changes have been detected. The high resolution signal allows for immediate tool matching for every motion and acceleration inside the process tool.

Data download: Typically less than 30secs. Software compatibility: Microsoft Win 7 & above

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