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Real-Time SmartWafer


Real-Time Vibration Monitoring:


The InnerSense Real-Time SmartWafer runs through the equipment and measures all vibrations, accelerations and motions along its route. The data is transmitted in real-time, using Bluetooth technology, to an external laptop close to the tool. The real time examination of the data permits robot hands-off  teaching and other mechanical adjustments.

The recharging of the internal battery is done in a Smart FOUP or with a compact charging unit, using the same contactless technology as in the standard SmartWafer.

Real-Time leveling measurements:


The InnerSense Real-Time SmartWafer can be also used for leveling measurements for both horizontal and vertical angles.
The data is displayed in real-time on a laptop's screen with a user friendly GUI which will assist the operator in the fast adjustment of his tool.


·     Vibration sensitivity:       3 mg
·     Leveling accuracy:          0.02º
·     Frequency response:     0Hz – 5 KHz
·    Operating temperature for vibrations: <60ºC w/o time limit
                                                                        < 80ºC for less than15 min

      Operating temperature for leveling: <60ºC w/o time limit
·     Operating pressure:        10-9 - 760 Torr
·     Weight 300mm wafer:    140 gr
·     Weight 200mm wafer:    70 gr

·     Thickness (total, central area):  3.2 mm

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