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On-Line Equipment Monitoring



Product description:​

A multi-axis accelerometer sensor with signal-processing electronics is mounted inside a ruggedized miniature module. The sensor module is fixed to a process tool and measures the accelerations, vibrations and motions of a critical moving part

(e.g. a robot spindle).
The measurements are sent to a computer for on-line robotic monitoring during production.

Sophisticated s/w is used to quantify and analyze the mechanical behavior of the production tool during each individual time segment.  The on-line signal is compared to the historical data, using statistical calculations and SPC rules, and automatically flags abnormal mechanical behaviors.
The system includes a user friendly interface for historical data mining (trends, comparison between runs, tools, etc.)

Multi-channel operation for the simultaneous monitoring of several moving parts (e.g. 4 robots) is optional.


Sensitivity:                         3mG
Frequency response:     0Hz - 10KHz
Communication:               USB connection

Power:                                supplied by USB connection




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