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RH (Relative Humidity) wafer/reticle gauge



RH wafer general description:

An RH sensor and SMW2-type circuit, are mounted on a 300mm bare silicon wafer

which is placed in a purge “Smart FOUP”.  The RH (purged) SmartFOUP is placed on a process tool N2 purged loadport, and monitors the functionality of the N2 purging by measuring the RH in the FOUP. The RH Wafer can travel throughout the process tool and measure RH in multiple locations.


The RH wafer gauge and purge SmartFOUP are fully compatible with the InnerSense docking station and analysis software and are already in use at multiple IC fabs and designed for fully automated monitoring.  The analysis software uses SPC tools to catch RH irregularities or trends.

The RH sensor can be also mounted on any standard virgin reticle similar to the SMR (see below)

RH wafer Specifications:

    Sensor Thickness:  2.5 mm above a standard silicon wafer (total of 3.2mm)    
    Operating Range: 0 to 80% RH
    RH measurements:
        ·   Accuracy: ± 1% RH   from 0% RH to 5% RH,   ± 2% RH   from 5% RH to 80% RH

        ·   Reproducibility: ± 0.2% RH

        ·   Response time: < 4 sec

    Temperature measurements:

        ·   Range: 0-60°C

        ·   Accuracy: ±0.1C

        ·   Resolution: 0.015°C

        ·   Response time: <5 sec

        ·   Long term drift: 0.05 C/year

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