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Stand alone vibration sensor



General Description


The InnerSense Vibrations Analysis System can be used wherever vibrations monitoring and analysis is required.
The sensor unit can be  secured by double side adhesive tape or by 2 bolts, and record accelerations and vibrations.
After completing recording, the data is downloaded to a PC and compared with past recordings.
For the 128 Hz sampling rate, the Wafer Handling Analysis s/w can be used. Using statistical methods, abnormal signals are being flagged and indicate faulty components.
For higher sampling rates, the data is exported to a CSV file. A basic Matlab tool kit is provided for data manipulation.



The Stand Alone sensor was attached to a polisher spindle head.  The signal can clearly detect the difference between a patterned and a blank wafer.

This high sensitivity and the InnerSense analysis s/w can potentially be used to detect irregularities during the polish process such as pad worn-out, wafer slippage and others.


System Specifications:

Sensitivity:                          1mG
Frequency response :       0Hz - 2.5KHz
Sampling rate:                   128Hz to 8KHz (per request)
Battery operation time:      3hrs per charge

*longer operating time can be provided upon request​

Analysis Software:


Acceleration and vibration signals are captured along the X, Y and Z axes. Time-related analysis and FFT analysis are  done to characterize the mechanical behavior, and to compare to reference, using statistically based control limits. Data download takes typically less than 30secs. The Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, 2000, XP and Vista.

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