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SMR (Smart Reticle)



SMR General description:

The SMR uses the same SmartWafer (SMW2) technology that is used across multiple IC fabs to automatically measure vibrations and level inside standard process tools. The SMR consists of a virgin reticle on which miniature multi axis accelerometers and ultra-sensitive electronic recorder is mounted. The SMR moves through the process tool like a standard reticle, recording the vibrations and level that are later analyzed for detecting robot handler issues during the reticle handling. As with the SmartWafer, the SmartReticle utilizes SPC (Statistical Process Control) analysis software to detect any mechanical irregularity or tool to tool differences.

SMR Specifications:

·   Reticle dimensions:     150 x 150 x 6.25 mm    

                Note: Sensor can be mounted on other substrates per request
·   Sensor thickness :   2.5 mm above the reticle      Vibration sensitivity :   1 mg, Range : ± 2g
·   Frequency response : 0-15 Hz for low band & 500-6kHz for high band
·   Leveling accuracy:    ± 0.015° ,   Repeatability: ± 0.01°

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