New era in
tool mechanical


InnerSense develops manufactures and markets wafer handling
diagnostic solutions for the semiconductor industry.
​The flagship product SmartWafer ​is used in more than 25 semiconductor
manufacturing fabs worldwide.

Our Goal

To detect and predict abnormal mechanical behaviors, that may cause:


  • Wafer breakage

  • Wafer scratches

  • Wafer chipping

  • Mechanical particles​

Our Mission

InnerSense vision is to provide its customers with the best method for troubleshooting and monitoring wafer handling.


Innersense - Semiconductor tool mechanical monitoring

View technical paper published in Solid State Technology magazine.

InnerSense developed the Docking Station for  an automated FAB , compatible to  full OHV and Host connectivity.

It has been adopted already by some of the largest IC manufacturers to be used as a regular fully automated manufacturing